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Thanks to Pottinger’s ongoing refinement policy the MEX VI forager has gradually evolved to become widely acknowledged as one of the best throughput and most reliable trailed flywheel forage harvesters available. Strongly built to withstand punishing workloads, it performs equally well in grass or maize crops.
A choice of drive speeds means that the MEX Vl is suitable for tractors with a PTO output from as little as 85hp right up to a maximum of 200hp. MEX VI throughput excels - satisfying the most demanding requirements with superb efficiency and reliability.


Optimum blowing speed
Crop delivery is achieved using specially designed blowing paddles fitted to the outer radius of the flywheel. Utilising the much higher peripheral flywheel speed, these paddles generate a strong blow, which is ideal for long reach side loading into big trailers. On other systems, knives have to perform two functions; cutting the crop and creating blowing power. This creates an efficiency conflict in selecting the ideal cutting and blowing speeds.


Adjustable knives
Ten full length, tungsten carbide coated cranked knives ensure precision cutting performance and long life. The knives are individually adjustable, allowing new knives to be fitted without having to grind them to the same depth as the old.

Even feed
Uneven, lumpy swaths present no problems. Four rollers with a unique interlinked levelling system ensure an even crop flow is presented to the flywheel.
Powered from the flywheel shaft by a chain, gearbox and shaft drive, the compression rollers have slip clutch protection. Feed roller speed is controlled by the location of the drive belt in the pulley grooves, and provides a choice of three chop lengths when harvesting grass. Removing alternate flywheel knives doubles chop length options.

Metal detector
This device affords a high level of protection against damage caused through ferrous foreign objects entering the flywheel. If the magnetic field generated in the      lower front feed roller is interrupted, the current is switched off causing the relay to close. The feed drive stops and by switching to reverse - disgorges the crop along with the tramp metal. An anti-magnetic auger is fitted to the forager’s pick-up header to prevent any interference with the sensor function.

Feed and compression
Four rollers compress the crop and present it evenly to the flywheel knives. Drive is via a strong chain from the flywheel to the feed roller gearbox. From the gearbox, slip clutch protected shafts drive the feed rollers.

Variable chop length
A choice of three chop lengths is achieved by controlling the feed roller speed - this is varied by locating the drive belt in one of three drive pulley grooves. Removing alternate knives doubles the chop length options.

Simple knife replacement
Variable knife adjustment allows replacements to be fitted easily, with no excessive grinding needed. Sharpening takes only a few minutes - achieved by simply reversing the direction of the flywheel and winding in the grinding disc
Corn cracker kit
This ensures that maize kernels are abraded to aid digestibility. A two-piece grater
floor is easily fitted into the flywheel housing concave. Adjustable breaker plates and additional masher bars attach to the flywheel itself.

Instant feed reverse
Pöttinger have developed a quick and effective feed reverse system. The lower feed roller gearbox drive pulley pivots hydraulically upwards, immediately disengaging the feed roller drive. The face of this pulley then progressively meshes with a rubber faced friction pulley, smoothly and quickly reversing the drive. A well-proven system with no complicated components, it is designed to operate at full speed and under full load and is a fast reaction operation.
Straightforward controls
Control of the chute, feed reverse mechanism, header lift and trailer hitch is at the operator’s finger tips. The central fully electrohydraulic control system is operated from the tractor cab by way of a clearly laid
out control box. Supply to this fully hydraulic system is via a single and return or double acting spool valve and one electrical connection. No potentially troublesome electric motors are used.




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